Rodeo/Round-up Custom/Aqua Star & Shore-KlearRodeo/Round-up Custom/Aqua Star & Shore-Klear
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Cattails Before Cattails After Rodeo/Round-up Custom/Aqua Star & Shore-Klear

Rodeo/Round-up Custom/Aqua Star & Shore-Klear

Now includes free Cide Kick Surfactant!

Above the surface plants crowding you out? Rodeo Herbicide is effective on nearly all Emergent Plants like Cattails, Grasses, Bulrushes, Purple Loosestrife, Aligatorweed and Water lilies. Rodeo is systemic - kills the roots for multi-year control. There is not a more economical way to control tall weeds. Mix the Rodeo concentrate with water and a non-ionic surfactant (Cide Kick Surfactant included free!) and apply by using a back pack or hudson type sprayer. For Cattail or Lily control wait until plants are mature. Apply to dry plants. No water use restrictions.

Two container sizes available: 2 1/2 Gallon Rodeo/Round-up/AquaStar or Quart Size Shore-Klear (Same active ingredient)

Note, 2.5 Gallon ships either under the Rodeo, Round-up, or AquaStar brand name, this is how the vendor ships to us. All 3 brand names are the EXACT same active ingredients

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Shore-Klear Quart (includes free surfactant)
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Rodeo/Round up Custom/Aqua Star Herbicide 2.5 Gallon (includes free surfactant)
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Rodeo Herbicide / Shore-Klear Examples:

  • Sample 100ft x100ft Lakeshore Lot (10,000 sq ft) *
    Amount of Rodeo / Shore-Klear required: One Quart.
    Actual amount used +/- due to plant densities.
  • Sample Mixing Rate for Cattail control (3/4% Solution). *
    Amount of Rodeo/Shore-Klear required: 1 Ounce per Gallon of water.
    Plus Cide Kick non-ionic surfactant: 1/4 to 1/2 ounce per Gallon of water.

Rodeo/Shore-Klear Specs:

  • Water Use Restrictions: None
  • Container Size(s): Quart or 2.5 Gallon
  • Formulation: Liquid

*Consult Label for Exact Doses, Additional Restrictions & Important Application Directions.

The Rodeo Herbicide Product Label is available for download in pdf. The Shore-Klear Product Label is available in a separate file.

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