Weedtrine-D HerbicideWeedtrine-D Herbicide
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Weedtrine-D Herbicide

Recommended for small ponds less than 1/2 acre with submerged weed and duckweed problems. Weedtrine-D herbicide is quickly absorbed by plants. Weedtrine-D is broad spectrum and especially effective on elodea, milfoil, coontail, bladderwort and duckweed. Recommended for smaller ponds and/or decorative ponds less than 1/2 acre. For Duckweed control the label recommends adding a non-ionic surfactant. One pint of DyneAmic Surfactant is typically enough for most projects. (See Cide Kick)

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Weedtrine-D Examples:

  • Sample 50ft x 50ft Pond (.057 Acre) *
    Amount required: .25 to .50 Gallon

  • Sample 75ft x 75ft Pond (.129 Acre) *
    Amount required: .62 to 1.25 Gallon

  • Sample 105ft x 105ft Pond (1/4 Acre) *
    Amount required: 1.25 to 2.50 Gallon 

  • Sample 148ft x 148ft Pond (1/2 Acre) *
    Amount required: 2.50 to 5.00 Gallon

Product Specs:

  • Water Use Restrictions: 1 day swimming. 0 Day fishing. 5 day irrigation.
  • Container Size(s): Gallon Jug Formulation: Liquid

*Consult Label for Exact Doses, Additional Restrictions & Important Application Directions.

The Weedtrine D Product Label is available for download in pdf.

**Submerged weed control label rates range from 5 to 10 Gals per surface acre – Duckweed rates are less


Important: Weedtrine-D Herbicide requires a surfactant. Order Cide Kick when ordering Weedtrine-D.

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