WeedRazer Pro Weed CutterWeedRazer Pro Weed Cutter
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WeedRazer Pro Weed Cutter


$179.00 each + $16.00 Shipping & Handling

The WeedRazer Pro, our new high-end pond and lake weed cutter, has all the qualities of the basic WeedRazer design plus more.

The Pro has an adjustable blade range, seven in all, that can allow for entry into narrow areas or can expand up to a whopping 5 foot swath.

Adjustability means the best balance between resistance and quality of cut especially when taking on larger emergent growth like cattails or areas of high density submerged weeds.

The Pro also comes fully assembled and easily stores*; just fold and cover the two blades and store.

The stainless steel blades effectively cut nearly all submerged weed types, lily and emergent vegetation like cattails. Give it a toss, let it sink and retrieve; you are on your way to open water for your recreation and navigational use.

Comes with 25 feet of rope, blade covers* and sharpener.

*Blades are extremely sharp. Keep blade covers on when not in use – Store in secure area.

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