Aquashadow Black Pond ColorantAquashadow Black Pond Colorant
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Aquashadow Black Pond Colorant

Why black? Blue is what most people imagine when dying a pond – think Caribbean, and we do not dispute the beauty of blue but most “true blue” dye applications are influenced by the clarity of the water. Clearer water produces richer blues – not every pond has this advantage. Black dyes do produce a reflective quality akin to a mirrored finish that many people find pleasing. Like all color choices there is a subjective preference.

Note: Over time all dyes photo degrade requiring occasional maintenance dosing. Each (Blue or Black) of these quality dyes is designed to filter sun light helping to decrease nuisance growths of weeds and algae blooms.

Easy to apply – just pour directly from the container. This concentrate goes a long way.

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Aquashadow Dye Liquid:

  • Sample 50’ x 50’ Pond (.06 acre) 4 ft avg depth. 
    - Amount required: 3.75 Ounces 
  • Sample 105' x 105' Pond (.23 acre) 4 ft avg depth. 
    - Amount required: 15 Ounces
  • Sample 148' x 148' Pond (.50 acre) 4 ft avg depth. 
    - Amount required: 0.25 Gallons 
  • Sample 208' x 208' Pond (1.0 acre) 4 ft avg depth 
    - Amount required: 0.50 Gallons
  • Sample 10 Acre Pond/Lake 4 ft avg depth 
    - Amount required: 5.00 Gallons

Product Specs:

  • Water Use Restrictions: Allow several hours for this product to disperse before swimming, irrigation, or fishing.
  • Container Size(s): One Gallon
  • Formulation: Liquid
  • For a Lighter water dye, consider:
    Aquashade Dye

*Consult Label for Exact Doses & Important Application Directions.

The Aquashadow Liquid Product Label is available for download in pdf.

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