Bushy Pondweed-Naiads

Naiads are sometimes referred to as waterweeds, they are found throughout the United States. Several common varieties cause many of the nuisance growth problems; Bushy Pondweed (Najas flexilis) Southern Naiad (Najas guadalupenis) and Brittle Naiad (Najas marina). This group grows entirely beneath the water.

Bushy Pondweed-Naiads
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Pondweeds occur in a variety of aquatic habitats. Some pondweeds are totally submersed, others have floating leaves. Pondweeds may be relatively large plants, while some are small. The American Pondweed has relatively large leaves and are important as wildlife food.

Q. What are the best control options?

Herbicide Application:
Hydrothol 191 Granular is our recommendation. Mid to lower label rates will get the job done. The algaecidal ability of Hydrothol 191 is also plus. Reward and Super K are also labeled for Naiad control.

Q. When is the best time to treat?

Plants must be present to treat. Water temperatures should exceed sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How do I actually apply the product(s)?

The Hydrothol 191 granules can be spread by a small Hand held spreader or can be tossed by a hand scoop. A hand held pump up sprayer or Solo backpack sprayercan apply liquids such as Reward. Reward can be applied directly from the container in small ponds or immediate dock areas.

Q. How often do I need to treat Busy Pondweeds?

One to two treatments per season are usually plenty.

Q. How long before I see results?

Generally within twelve to sixteen day things will be cleared up.

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