[ Brasenia schreberi ]

Watershield (Brasenia schreberi) resembles miniature lily plants, however the leaf grows no larger than 2 to 5 inches. The stem is attached to the middle (Underside) of the leaf. A dull purple flower is evident in early summer.

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Brasenia is a waterplant genus belonging to the family Cabombaceae, consisting of one extant species widely distributed in warm temperate and tropical regions of the world. The vernacular name is water-shield. Unlike other waterlilies the flowers of Water Shield are wind pollinated and in consequence large quantities of dry, easily dispersed pollen are produced.
Q. What are the best control options?

Herbicide Application:
The best method is the application of Navigate Granular, a granular herbicide that is easy to apply. Navigate works systemically to insure control of the roots for long lasting control. It is not necessary to cover the pads with Navigate just get the granules into the water within the treatment area.

Using the Water Weed Cutter is always an option for small areas. For larger areas we recommend the application of Navigate Granular for its ability to kill the roots for long-term control.

Q. When is the best time to treat?
A.Navigate can be used all season. Water temperatures ideally should be sixty degrees and above. Generally, as long as the plants are vibrant they will respond well to treatment. Earlier season treatments generally require smaller dose rates.
Q. How do I actually apply the product(s)?

The Navigate granules can be spread by a small Hand held spreader or can be tossed by a hand scoop.

Q. How often do I need to treat the Watershield?
A.Watershield control can last anywhere from two to three years or more depending upon adjacent Watershield influence. An application may be required three to five weeks post treatment. Navigate is a systemic herbicide that kills the root structure.
Q. How long before I see results?
A.Generally within two weeks things will be cleared up. Maybe a bit longer, Navigate Granular is a bit slow but very thorough in the end result.