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Sonar Liquid

  • SePro Corporation is the original manufacturer of its flagship product Sonar – active ingredient fluridone.
  • Sonar™ is the choice of many experts for whole lake invasive weed control and superior duckweed and submerged weed control in ponds.
  • We also carry Alligare Fluridone, a new generic formulation that is a lower cost alternative offering our customers the choices they deserve.

This has been our # 1 Pond seller for the control of submerged weeds and floating duckweed. Systemic action can control plants all season by killing the roots. Sonar is a concentrated product; a few ounces for a small pond can keep the weeds out all summer. Sonar is very thorough and will move throughout the pond for excellent widespread control. Sonar should not be used for spot treating. No fishing or swimming restrictions. Rates below assume Duckweed is present – many submerged weeds can be controlled at much lower rates. We recommend the liquid formulation for duckweed and watermeal applications. Also see the easy to apply Sonar pellets!

Sonar™ Liquid concentrate:

  • Sample 75' x 75' Pond (.13) Acre 4 ft avg depth.
    - Amount required: 4 Ounces
  • Sample 105' x 105' Pond (.25) Acre 4 ft avg depth.
    - Amount required: 8 Ounces
  • Sample 148' x 148' Pond (.50) Acre 4 ft avg depth.
    - Amount required: 16 Ounces (pint)
  • Sample 208' x 208' Pond (1.0) Acre 4 ft avg depth.
    - Amount required: 32 Ounces (quart)
  • Water Use Restrictions: None on Swimming or Fishing. Irrigation 7 to 30 days.
  • Container Size(s): Pints/Quarts/Gallons
  • Formulation: Liquid - Quick release pellets also available.
1/2 Pint $229.00 Shipping: $11.00
Pint $399.00 Shipping: $12.50
Quart $719.00 Shipping: $14.00
Gallon $2139.00 Shipping: $18.00

*Consult Label for exact Doses & Important Application Directions.

The Sonar Liquid Product Label is available for download in pdf.

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